How to go mobile wisely in 2022

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2022 is a curious year in so many senses. As for us, a Ukrainian IT company, it’s a life-changing period with updated priorities. Still, our work is up on the list. It gives us the power to move on and to support our country and army during war times.

Not so long ago our web team prepared an article about web development trends’22. This time, our mobile team gathered to collect and share the leading mobile apps development trends with our followers. We strongly believe it will help those who want to go mobile in a smart way. So, let’s go.

Mobile apps perspective or why bother

Almost 90% of the time end-users spent on mobile devices today is used on apps, mainly because of the pandemic and all the time spent at home. Our Business Analysts also say that the total revenue in the app market is projected to reach $ 437.80bn in 2022.

In 2020, the global revenue from mobile apps increased to over 318 billion U.S. dollars. This was an increase of over 60 billion U.S. dollars compared to 2019. The strongest segment that year was the mobile games segment with a revenue of over 200 billion U.S. dollars, followed by social networking mobile apps, which created a revenue of around 31 billion dollars.

The Statista Digital Market Outlook estimates that revenue across most segments will increase over the next few years and overall will reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Have a look at the leading segments below.


So if you are doing business in one (or in some) of these segments, it’s a good time to think about your own apps. And it’s always better to start with best practices and leading trends on the market.

Have a look at the list of the mobile app development trends below, prepared by our Mobile Team Lead, Serhii. He is a professional software developer with over 9 years of iOS programming experience, extensive knowledge in OOP / OOD, design patterns, architecture design, and strict implementation of code conventions.

Mobile apps development trends ’22

Our mobile team has analyzed the market and the leading trends, and prepared a list of the tech you should not ignore in 2022. Let’s have a closer look at each in detail.

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  • 5G technology boost

It’s not a new word in a tech world, but what does it mean for mobile apps?

By definition, 5G belongs to a new generation of telecommunication networks. This new standard promises extremely low latency, high connection density, and high bandwidth. It supports advanced tech in AR/VR, interconnected IoT devices, streaming of 360 videos and 4K.

  • Instant apps popularity

Instant or Progressive apps are a hybrid between web pages and apps. One of their main advantages is that it takes less time to create such apps, because they’re basically websites with mobile apps functionality. The popularity of such apps increased during the pandemic, especially in ecommerce. Such apps take less space, are adaptable and updated automatically. The best example of instant apps is AliExpress.

  • Wearables get mature

According to recent research, there will be over 1.1 billion connected wearables in 2022! Impressive, isn’t it?

What does it mean for mobile apps development? It means that not only would websites and apps work on mobile devices, same as on desktops. They should work seamlessly on wearables. This trend also got top positions during the pandemic: detectors of pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases, activity and fitness trackers equipped with features that continuously monitor physiological data in real-time. In the coming years this trend is going to grow and conquer new spheres.

  • Mobile commerce apps, mCommerce

Let’s not forget about mobile payments. Paying through a virtual mobile wallet (ewallet) is predicted to take the monotony away from waiting for bank approval or standing in line or standing in line. Apps that leverage this will see more use and adoption in 2022 and far beyond.

  • Focus on Blockchain

It goes without saying that Blockchain belongs to one of the best ways to secure user’s data, be it a record of transactions (as in cryptocurrencies) or documents. During the global pandemic, one of the top things that blockchain did was to keep track of COVID-19 vaccines.

As per recent research, among all industries, banking has the largest blockchain spending in 2020, with 29.9% of the global blockchain market value.

  • On-demand apps

Not a new, still rather popular term now. On-demand apps are applications where users can hire a service or a product locally. One of the best examples of such apps is Uber.

This type of app is not limited by car ride service though. On-demand apps fulfill other demands in a variety of fields like groceries, food, logistics, accommodations, and more when and where the users need them.

  • Beacon technology

Since the first technology intro in 2013, beacons have grown significantly from being Apple’s low-energy Bluetooth device to a globally recognized technology. As per GeoMarketing, there currently are 3.9 million proximity sensors deployed globally that use Beacons. However, over 70% of consumers are unaware of this technology and that brands, retailers, and ad agencies are using it to send push notifications to customers.

But it’s not all just about retail. Beacons offer a personalized experience in a wide spectrum of business domains.

How can Riff Point team help

With 7 years of commercial experience on projects of different complexity, Riff Point team is here to consult your business about the best-suited solution. Let us share one of the latest examples of our work on mobile apps.

M2W, Mail to World

About the project:

iOS and Android mobile native client that allows to aggregate email data using multiple email accounts. The app helps users to manage their mail, including common functionality and extra features.


  • Time estimation.
  • Development for iOS platform.
  • Refactoring and bug fixing.
  • Implementation API-functionality for work with web-service, UI realization.
  • Application testing and debugging.


  1. Extended networking settings and UI customization;
  2. Events and contacts sync;
  3. Custom unlimited file storage integrated;
  4. Unlimited email reposition within native and custom folders;

To see more cases, visit our Clutch profile.

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